Emote Me

Want to express what you're thinking/feeling/doing while simultaneously using one of your lovely virtual items? Look no further. The emotes page is here for all your emoting needs. The drop down box shows all your currently emotable items. Pick one and voila! It will now appear in your profile page, so everyone can see your current status. Caution! Once you emote with an item, it disappears from your inventory and if you emote a different item, the previous item will poof into the virtualsphere. I mean you can't "drink a latte" and expect it to reappear in your inventory after right?

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Emoting Terminology

Here's a nifty guide on what your items will look like on your profile

food itemsis currently eating a/an
drink itemsis currently drinking a/an
random itemsis currently holding a/an
emojisis currently feeling

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