Quirky Creations

Here you can purchase one-of-a-kind bling. Because your accessories can be as unique as you!

From cane bling to braille beaded jewelry, I love crafting projects that are inspired by you.

Cane/Bag Bling

I first called these cane charms, but realized, they're more like cane bling. The basic idea is three chains which hang from a clasp, at the end of each chain is a charm, bead, or hand-made seed bead charm. The bling can be done in either silver or gold color. They can be hung from the top of your cane however you like. I've created a fixed loop at the top of my cane, so I can switch out bling easily and am happy to walk you through how to create something similar.

These also work as bag charms, just hook the clasp on a strap or zipper as a fun accessory

Looking for something more simple? I also have single charms available. These are great if you want something simple and cute to identify your cane. The charm is attached to a rubberband, which you can loop around the bungy cord of your cane so it fits snug between the top of your cane and the bungy knot.


Please note the following for ordering:

  • Please note any specific colors, themes, specific charms, etc. you would like in your piece using the customization field
  • Please also note if you want to be contacted via email to confirm the design I make or if you are happy with me getting creative based on the customization you indicated. If you want to be contacted, please include the email if different from your Paypal email.
  • Shipping is included in the price of the piece. I will ship to the address indicated by Paypal. If you need this shipped to a different address, please make note of that on your order or email me within 24 hours of placing your order to let me know.
  • If ordering a piece with the beaded charm, your current options are: black cat face, white cat face, bumble bee, orange pumpkin with face (like a jack-o-lantern). Please indicate which you would like in your order.

  • Styles

    Beaded Bling

    I have had a love of seed beads since I was little, but never took the time to really learn how to work with such tiny beads as a blind person until recently. Now, I'm hopelessly addicted. I love getting completely lost in a project that requires intense focus and precision.

    Right now, I can make beaded bracelets with braille messages, which can be seen but not felt. I'm hoping to come up with a more tactile style in the future.

    I can also make seed bead charms in limited styles and am continually expanding. Add the charm to a chain for a cute necklace or use it as a component for a super unique cane bling. The possibilities are endless.


    Below are a few examples of projects. I'm excited to add to this section as you place orders!

  • Sugar Sweet - cane bling

  • (image coming soon)

    Description: The charm is three strands of gold colored chain, joined by a clasp which attaches to a small loop on the top of my cane. The three chains are of slightly different lengths. The two shorter outer chains each have a small "crystal shimmer" swarovski heart at the end. The center, longer chain has a charm with a blue cupcake with pink frosting at the end.

  • Love - beaded bracelet

  • (image coming soon)

    Description: Bracelet using 2mm seed beads. The background is white with the print word love in red, followed by a pink heart, then "love" in braille in alternating red and pink letters, then a red heart, then the patternbegins again with reversed colors (though there was only enough room for "love" in print in pink for this bracelet. The bracelet is finished with slide tubes and a lobster clasp.

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