Spring Bingo

To celebrate spring springing, Café Random brings to you a daily bingo, well more like loteria if you want to be specific, but anyway, it's a really fun game! For the nominal fee of 20 caffeine you can buy a loteria/bingo card. It's a 4x4 card with each square being a different spring object. Each day between now and the end of April, a random object will be drawn for that day. If you have that object on your card, click the button and it'll mark your card. If you complete a row, column, or diagonal, click the bingo button and you'll get a prize. You can only have one active card at a time, but if you get bingo, you can buy a new card and play again. Round one will last through April 30th, then all cards will be cleared and you may join round 2 which will last through May 31st. Good luck!

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