Helpful Hints

Below are some tips to help new members navigate Cafe Random.

Control Panel

There are many useful areas in the control panel. Here you can edit your profile, manage your settings, send and receive private messages, and access the members list.
*By default, receive items and show quiz results are turned off, if you'd like to change either, go to your control panel and edit profile.
*Another useful area is email settings, by default users receive emails from admins as well as forum posts or replies, this can get pretty spammy, so be sure to check your email settings in your control panel to only receive the information you want.
*You can also change your password under username and password settings.
*Use the member list link to browse or search for specific members and view their profile.
*Expand the messages link by clicking on the plus sign to access your private messages.
*For sending private messages, go under your control panel, memberlist, then search for the member you'd like to message. Click on their profile and there you will see a send private message link. If the member is currently online, you can look under site statistics and click on their profile directly from there as well.


The forums are pretty standard. There are different level headings to help you navigate each board, topic, and reply posted. There are links for posting new topics or replying to topics.


The chat system is a work in progress. Accessibility is overall decent, but plans for improvement are planned, pending more funding.
*The chat window only appears on the main page. If you'd like to keep an eye on chat while playing games or other sections of the site, I recommend you open the homepage in another tab or window, this will allow you to get sound notifications when people send a message, so you don't miss any of the fun.
*The edit box is where you type to send a message to whichever chat window is currently in focus. Press enter to send the message or shift plus enter for a line break. The char limit is 300.
*You can private chat with any member who has enabled private chats and is not ignoring you, by clicking their name under "private chats".
*Under the chat edit box, you will notice lines with member names or chat room names. This is the area where you can toggle focus to your different chats. A number after a chat room name or member name, shows you the number of unread chat messages waiting for you. Simply click enter on the chatroom/name you'd like to access to bring focus to it. Clicking again on that room/name will close the chat or you can click on a different room/name to change focus to a new chat room or private chat.
*After a while, there can be a long list of private chats under that edit box. Currently you cannot close chats via the homepage. However, I've coded a work around for now. If you click on any other CR page, for instance "about". At the bottom of the page you will see a chat icon with the same list of names below. Click on a name to bring focus to it. Now you will have access to a "close button" where you can close that chat. Now return to the Cafe Random homepage and that chat should no longer appear in the list under the edit box.
*Click the chat settings link to toggle different settings including turning sounds off/on. The toggle works but will currently not give you confirmation that you have actually changed the setting.

Games & Features

There are many games and other features on Café Random.
*Caffeine is the name of the point system on Cafe Random. Caffeine can be spent for virtual items at the counter, Grande members may use caffeine to send greeting cards to other members, and caffeine can be used for various site raffles or games that are posted from time to time. You can check your caffeine via your control panel.
*There are various games available to Breve and Grande members. Grande members get better payouts and more tries at some games and have exclusive games. You can check the game scoreboards to see how you compare to other members in different games.
*Quizzes are another fun feature of CR. You can take quizzes as many times as you want, but only the last result is saved. If you would like your quiz results to appear in your profile for other members to see, be sure to enable that setting via your profile.
*Items are available for purchase via the counter. They are bought with caffeine and can be managed via your inventory which is under your control panel. There are some items that are exclusively for grande members. You can send items to other members via your inventory page. If you would like to be able to receive items from other members, be sure to enable that setting your profile. A number indicating the amount of items you have received from other members but not yet viewed, will appear in a link on your homepage under the welcome heading. Clicking on this link even if it says "0" is another way to access your inventory page.

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