Book Club

How It Works

Each month a member takes a turn picking the book club selection.

The chosen selection will be available via NLS, Bookshare, Kindle, and Audivle.

Participants will have many opportunities to discuss the current selection including:

  • questions posted on the forums
  • scheduled instant chats via text
  • scheduled voice chats via Discord/Clubhouse
  • Everyone is welcome. This book club seeks to foster an environment of inclusion, diversity, open-mindedness, safe sharing, and reflection. While we recognize not all participant views will always align, we expect all participants to be welcoming and respectful of each other and the book being discussed.

    Anyone wishing to participate, but needing assistance or accommodations, please contact the admin who will do their best to help and/or find help.

    Current Selection

    Title: The Great Alone
    Author: Kristin Hannah

    CW: violence, domestic violence, emotional distress, isolation, death

    Please note this selection will span the remainder of March as well as April to give the club more time to get established.


    Welcome live text chatMarch 196:00PM PST
    Welcome live discord voice chatMarch 201:00PM PST
    Read chapters 1-11March 26na
    Forum discussion question posted on chapters 1-11March 27na
    Read chapters 12-26April 9na
    Forum discussion question posted on chapters 12-26April 10na
    Read chapters 27-31April 23na
    Forum discussion question posted on chapters 27-31April 24na
    Book discussion live text chatApril 296:00PM PST
    Book discussion and new book selection live voice chatApril 306:00PM PST

    Previous Selections

    None yet

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